OTN Sunday Chats: CEO tells how Datanautix landed Red Lobster as a client



The Winter Springs data analytics company Datanautix’ website boldly asks business owners: “Ready to read your customers’ minds?”

Well, it doesn’t exactly work that way.

But the company’s AI product does give businesses data-based insight into customers that can help them optimize an experience.

The product has helped the company land clients like Red Lobster, University of Central Florida and Orlando International Airport.

In the first-ever OTN Sunday Chats, we spoke with Datanautix CEO Sanjay Patel. He shared how his company has been able to thrive in Orlando.

Q: How has Datanautix been able to land high-profile clients like Red Lobster and others?

We have been found large enterprise clients in the community to work with as we enhance our AI software. We are also focused on the solution we provide and the impact it has. This makes it easy for clients to do a pilot and determine business outcomes and potential return on investment. That ensures clients get more value than it costs them.

Q: Why has analytics seemed to be adopted in such a wide range of industries?

We are in the “customer experience” space. So virtually every industry struggles with how to keep on top of customer experience feedback. Companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook have trained consumers that reviews need to be 1: a rating on a 5 star scale and 2: an open-ended comment. This has led to a drop in response rates to the traditional 20-40 question surveys. Companies that care about customers experiences are also savvy enough to know that there are other sources of data and analytics that drive a deeper understanding of customer perceptions.

Q: Where does that leave analytics?

Analytics has become a “table stakes” dimension from a strategic perspective. Therefore, companies that can get a better understanding of their customers and do it faster have a huge advantage. We effectively enable that for clients and accomplish it at a relatively affordable price point.

Q: How has being in Central Florida helped Datanautix?  

The Orlando area has been maturing over the last several years in terms of creating an environment in which tech entrepreneurs can succeed. The UCF Business Incubation program has helped us survive (and thrive) in spite of some of the economic challenges the region has gone through.

Q: UCF has helped you in other ways?

Our proximity to UCF has been valuable. We have informal advisors at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management that provide guidance and have also leveraged the internship programs to get some amazing computer science students.

Q: You recently landed your first international contract. Tell us about that.

The company is a global oil and gas firm in Paris with operations in over 20 countries that will use our AI technology. Eventually we will become their primary provider of stakeholder perception analytics on a global basis – the first round of pilots will be starting soon.