What’s new at Orlando Tech News (8/11/23)

ORLANDO, Fla. (Aug. 11, 2023) – If you navigate Orlando Tech News today, you will notice a host of new features that we plan to build and expand upon.

Here is a short list of what’s new this week and what to expect in the near future.

  • Revamped newsletter

We have relaunched our newsletter and you can GO HERE to see the latest version and join the crowd of people supporting us by receiving their newsletter in their inbox every week. The newsletter will periodically roll out new features, including today’s FUN FACT and the EVENT OF THE WEEK.

  • Events calendar

Our events calendar also has a new look, with additions like FEATURED EVENT added in. In the near future, expect to see photo galleries of area tech events added to the page, as well, so you can see who is at these frequent events in Orlando tech. You can find the new events calendar RIGHT HERE.

  • New sections

An expanded menu now includes a section labeled FLORIDA TECH. While it has not been populated just yet, this will become a place where we can share the top stories about technology from around the state. The truth is that there is a ton of innovation around the state and this allows for a more comprehensive coverage plan of Florida.

  • About us page

The ABOUT US PAGE gives insight into where Orlando Tech News comes from and also puts in one place all the ways you can help us, whether it’s following our social media accounts or supporting our Patreon campaign.