Orlando tech on the verge of a good groove in coming months

What a random week for Orlando to feel like the center of the technology world.

I mean, it’s only mid-February.

It’s literally just the seventh week out of 52 this year so can we slow down a little bit? Looking at the upcoming calendar, no, we cannot.

I am joking. of course. We won’t slow down and we should not.

Where this feeling comes from

Ever since Wednesday, I have felt a buzz around town over Orlando tech.

It’s a feeling I have been having more frequently than in any of my nearly 10 years covering the community. Side note: Can you believe it? Halloween this year will mark 10 years of covering Orlando tech for me! That’s some historical context, if I do say so myself!

NAWCTSD took students through their simulators at Orlando Science Center’s Spark STEM Fest.

The exciting part is that each of the four events I’m about to highlight have completely different audiences yet all feel part of an overall puzzle or tapestry.

The buzz has not been because of any one specific event or activity.

In fact, I think it was because of all of them.

Let me run through them first.

A quartet of touchpoints for O Tech

On Wednesday, a portion of the defense industry came together at Central Florida Tech Grove. The event allowed small businesses to highlight products and programs to military brass, who happen to have offices in Orlando.

Most who read Orlando Tech News know that Orlando is the center of modeling, simulation and training for the defense industry. Tech Grove’s consistent programming allows more opportunities to showcase that, which is important when it comes to an ecosystem’s perception from afar.

On Thursday, fresh off the Tech Grove event, Innovate Orlando’s TenX Tech returned. The venue this time was downtown’s The Social.

It was great to reconnect with so many of those we have known while also making first connections with several I expect to follow up with in the days and weeks ahead.

Moving into the weekend, Orlando Science Center pulled off its Spark STEM Fest – dba Otronicon. The three-day festival, as usual, showcased Orlando’s general tech community to a unique audience.

It’s one of the rare times giants like Walt Disney World and others show up to a local meetup. Disney folks, don’t sue me, teach me … are there events you attend I’m just not aware of? Would love to know.

Finally, tonight, not only will Otronicon have its third and final day but Orlandopreneur, a meetup of business and tech, will host its monthly meetup.

This group has grown quickly into one of several in the community that keeps the fires of innovation burning through consistent touchpoints.

The fact that Central Florida Tech Grove will host this month’s Orlandopreneur is mere icing on the cake for the point I’m trying to make.

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So, what’s the point?

And what is that point, you ask?

The same point I have made repeatedly on this blog. Orlando has depth and when it hits its groove, it will be a potential powerhouse in the world of technology.

In my view that is, again, informed by nearly 10 years here, we are getting into the early stages of that groove.