Innovate Orlando, OTN partner to tell city’s tech story

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando Tech News announces a collaboration with Innovate Orlando to amplify the story of innovative leaders and companies in Central Florida.

Innovate Orlando is a Florida-based nonprofit revolutionizing the landscape of tech and innovation in Central Florida. With a strong commitment to defining and shaping the region’s technological advancements, Innovate Orlando, Inc., is poised to drive economic growth, foster collaboration, and enhance quality of life for individuals and businesses alike.

The central objective of Innovate Orlando is to position the region as the MetaCenter through strategic marketing efforts, energize the Orlando Tech Community, take the lead in executing the “Breakthrough Orlando” 5-Year Strategic plan, and ultimately, converge these multifaceted endeavors within the captivating City Beautiful. This convergence will culminate in the establishment of a dedicated digital district, solidifying our commitment to technological advancement and collaborative innovation.

Innovate Orlando’s inaugural achievement was the inception of MetaCenter Global Week, an unprecedented event that marks a significant milestone for our city. Destined to become an annual tradition, MetaCenter Global Week represents a unique convergence of content, esteemed speakers, entertainment, artistic expressions, and community engagement. This distinguished occasion will transform Orlando into a host for prominent national and international entities, including illustrious names like Sony, Meta, NASA, Google, and Amazon, among others.

“Empowering Minds, Igniting Progress, together is what will unleash the potential of the Orlando technology community.  Delivering and activating our regional innovation assets is key,” Innovate Orlando CEO David Adelson said. “As we support community builders leading a fierce resurgence and emergence of Orlando’s tech ecosystem, we wanted to partner with someone who has been following it for years. We are excited to have OTN being one of the storytellers of this amazing community.”

The partnership will result in a series of stories aimed at amplifying the innovation community and the leaders bringing it all together. 

Orlando Tech News was launched in August 2020 by former Orlando Sentinel technology reporter Marco Santana. Santana has been embedded within Orlando tech since he arrived in October of 2014. During that time, he has written about numerous rocket launches, spoken with countless startup founders and high-profile tech figures like Tim Cook and Elon Musk.

His reputation helped him become the go-to tech reporter in Orlando, netting him a series of scoops, including SpaceX’s desire to land rockets and an exclusive invitation to follow Cook during a visit to a local Apple store to award a student scholarship in person.

Orlando Tech News focuses on the people who drive Orlando’s tech and innovation ecosystem, using the skills honed during Santana’s 15-plus year career in journalism.

“Ever since I left the Orlando Sentinel, I have kept my eye on the tech community,” Santana said. “Jumping back in thanks to the support of Innovate Orlando for storylines puts me in a position to continue to share the story and drive this ecosystem’s narrative.”

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For tickets to MetaCenter Global Week, visit the group’s website here.