Event spotlight: Full Sail University’s Tech Tuesday

The three panelists are Full Sail University alumni who now work in virtual and augmented reality. (Submitted photo)

Full Sail University recently launched a tech discussion series to highlight its alumni network to share career and industry information.

Tech Tuesday brings together alumni working in specific sectors for an hourlong chat for a virtual roundtable.

“I appreciate the opportunity to share what I’ve learned in my career and hopefully inspire others who are interested in my industry,” said Caris Frazier-Baker, a technical artist for Walter P. Moore who will be on today’s panel.

Additionally, Frazier-Baker will be joined by games and VR consultant Chance Glasco and Holovis Solutions Architect Mitchell Hartwell.

We caught up with Full Sail VP for emerging technologies Luis Garcia, who will moderate the discussion.

The Interview

Full Sail University’s Luis Garcia

Q: Why start Tech Tuesday?

A: Tech Tuesday is meant to inspire those who want to pursue careers in tech. We have a very accomplished base of alumni who love to give back, and this provides a great way for them to do that.

Q: Talk about the luxury of having such dynamic alumni.

A: It’s incredible. No matter the topic, we’ve been able to find excellent experts in our alumni base that provide insights and advice. We are very thankful to them.

Q: How can Full Sail contribute to the tech ecosystem’s growth here?

Many graduates stay local. All three panelists for today’s event are based in Orlando. Our robust degree programs in emerging tech, paired with skilled and prepared graduates from within these degrees, move into our regions talent pipeline. That strengthens it for continued and future growth. Orlando represents a great opportunity for technology and innovation in the country and we are excited to be part of that.

Q: Why did you pick these three panelists?  

A: We try to show diversity of thought. The panelists usually come from different applications of the tech we are discussing. Today, we have Chance Glasco, who co-founded Doghead Simulations, which created a VR conference software. Caris Frazier-Baker from the architectural firm Walter P Moore, and Mitchell Hartwell from Holovis, a company that creates VR and AR experiences.

Q: What can visitors expect when they connect to the discussion?

A: It’ll be a dynamic but structured conversation that will touch in all three technologies using the experiences and insights of the panelists. For the first half of the event, we’ll discuss and explore thought provoking questions, and in the second half, the panelists will answer questions from the audience.

Q: What will virtual, augmented and mixed reality contribute to Orlando’s economy?

A: Orlando already has a very rich Simulation industry from military, aerospace, gaming and theme parks. We think that with the growth of VR, AR and MR in the consumer side, in addition to other industries embracing these technologies, Orlando could be a great contributor..