Who I am: tech journalist Marco Santana

I’m a tech journalist who has reported on education, crime and just about anything you can think of.

When I started in the industry, tech journalism was not my intention.

However, when jumped to the Des Moines Register about 4 years into my career, I was hooked on tech.

The personal triumphs and struggle, to me, represent the best way to really understand the human condition.

Anyway, I digress.

For more than 11 years, I reported for several outlets, including the Galesburg Register-Mail in western Illinois, the Daily Herald in Chicago, the Des Moines Register in Iowa and the Orlando Sentinel in Central Florida.

I covered startups and technology for most of that time, telling hundreds of stories of what it takes to start a business and navigate entrepreneurship.

My approach to storytelling has been to take a business’ unique story and find a connection to more common themes.

For instance, in our first post on OrlandoTechNews.com, I highlighted an entrepreneur who learned at a young age how to play guitar.

Yes, the initial focus lies squarely in his passion for guitar.

But once we get into the story, it showcases how his company has been navigating the coronavirus pandemic.

Those are the stories I want to tell as a tech journalist.

I have fallen in love with Orlando, which is why I launched this website.

While here, I have taken improv classes at Sak Comedy Lab.

I performed standup comedy at an open mic night.

One of my assignments took me up in a biplane performing tricks.

I have met several astronauts and interviewed a few of them.

I have interviewed Tim Cook and Steve Wozniak.

This site is my next adventure and I hope you join.

If you have any questions, you can reach me at marcosantana77@gmail.com.