Surveying firm Allen & Co. launches emerging tech-based subsidiary

A Winter Garden-based mapping, surveying and geospatial services company has gone 3D.

Kind of.

Allen & Company, which launched in 1988 and employs more than 130, announced on Wednesday a new subsidiary Allen3D. The new entity will incorporate emerging technologies including digital twins, gaming, LiDAR and simulation into its offerings.

“Forming Allen3D is a great step forward in how we innovate, pioneer the latest technology and proof of concepts, while driving forward in an industry that has always looked to us as leaders,” Allen3D Founder Butch Allen said in a press release.

Allen is also president and principal of Allen & Co.

Late last year, Allen & Co. acquired Nexus 3D Consulting in an effort to expand its services and reach. Allen3D formally joins the two businesses.

Allen & Company will continue to focus on mapping, surveying, and geospatial services while Allen 3D will take on clients with the use of emerging technologies in mind.

Allen3D will operate out of offices in Florida, Idaho and California.

For more information, visit Allen & Co. online.