Plug and Play announces 1st batch of smart city startups

Plug and Play Orlando on Thursday announced its inaugural class of startup that will go through its 12-week accelerator program.

The cohort will focus on smart cities-related companies from across the nation. Final presentations will be held on July 31 in Orlando.

The inaugural class includes several industries, including mobility, sustainability, energy, construction and automation.

“We are thrilled to welcome this inaugural batch of startups to Orlando as we foster innovation in Smart Cities here in Central Florida,” said Allison Chandler, Program Manager of Plug and Play Orlando, in a blog post.

Here is the list along with a short description of what the company does. You can expect further coverage on Orlando Tech News.

Mighty Buildings (California) – Delivers technology to develop low-cost, sustainable housing.

  • Dispel (New York) – Builds network-level moving target defenses that helps secure remote access to control systems.
  • Infranergy (Florida) – Smart, AI-powered software platform for energy optimization This company harnesses and monetizes solar and storage assets for businesses.
  • Exodigo (California) – A technology innovator combining the power of proprietary advances in 3D imaging, sensors and artificial intelligence.
  • FLUIX (Florida) – Enterprise AI software that saves critical infrastructure on energy costs, time, and resources.
  • Connected Wise (Orlando) – Transportation safety and connectivity with AI-driven innovation.
  • Capacitech Energy (Orlando) – Enhances battery and renewable energy infrastructure through patented energy storage products.
  • Precision Periodic (Orlando) – Next-generation mining, refining, and wastewater treatment.
  • Voxel (California) – A site visibility solution that enhances existing security cameras with computer vision AI software to automatically identify safety hazards.
  • Sapient Industries (Pennsylvania) – Tacklign facility energy data challenges to optimize energy, sustainability, and equipment health.
  • VANTIQ (Orlando) – A software development and deployment platform that enables companies to digitize their business.
  • NESTRE (Orlando) – Neuro-Strength Company that provides mental and cognitive strength training and solutions.
  • Enline (Portugal) – A real-time predictive digital twin platform for transmission line assets.
  • HAAS Alert (Illinois) – Delivers real-time emergency alerts to drivers using C-V2X technologies.

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