Orlando-based AVALON raises $10 million for new game

An independent video game studio primarily based in Orlando announced Monday a $10 million funding round to support the development of its debut title.

AVALON has been building what it’s calling “a next-generation massively multiplayer online game” that incorporates interoperability between multiple worlds, with assets adapting and progression carrying over to each world.

The result will be a world that empowers players to create, share and take ownership of experiences.

Artificial intelligence-assisted and user-generated content systems will combine with Unreal Engine 5 to help players develop game logic, a press release announcing the news said.

Concept art for the video game AVALON, which raised $10 million in a fundraising round.

The release also suggested that a forthcoming NFT collection will introduce AI-powered avatar NFTs, a press release announcing the news said.

“The AVALON universe prioritizes delivering an immersive gameplay experience by combining cutting-edge tech like Unreal Engine 5 with AI-assisted user-generated content systems,” AVALON Founder and CEO Sean Pinnock said in the release. “Our focus on a no-code solution enables players to create game logic effortlessly.”

The studio includes industry veterans with experience on classic video games including Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and EverQuest.

The round was led by BITKRAFT Ventures and HASHED, with participation from Coinbase Ventures, Spartan Capital, Foresight Ventures, LiquidX, and Momentum6.

AVALON was founded in 2021 and powered by a hefty team that includes from industry-leading studios including Microsoft, Sony, Capcom, Infinity Ward, and Ubisoft.

In AVALON, the world will grow with and around players, featuring real-time interactions with non-player characters. The interactions will be powered through a partnership AVALON has forged with AI pioneers Didimo and Inworld AI.

Players will experience AVALON Core, the main gameplay mode designed by the studio, as well as separate, user-generated worlds and experiences, bringing their heroes, items, and progression across worlds.

AVALON leaders expect the game to go into a closed early access later this year. AVALON will “write the next chapter” in MMO games, said Baek Kim, HASHED general partner in a release.

“The team’s industry-leading experience is immediately evident in the title’s gameplay, graphical fidelity, and creative implementation of technology, economy, and owned content,” he said. “AVALON has a clear vision for a limitless and cohesive online experience, and we’re excited to see this title come to life.”