Orlando cybersecurity firm donates app downloads to seniors

An Orlando tech company has partnered with a local resource for seniors to protect that vulnerable age group from cyber threats.

Perez Technology Group donated 5,000 downloads of its cybersecurity app CyberFence to the Central Florida-based Senior Resource Alliance.

The move encourages seniors to take cybersecurity seriously while navigating their own “digital landscape,” said Karla Radka, SRA president and CEO.

“Embracing technology is key to our mission of allowing seniors to age independently and safely,” she said. “But as seniors grow their digital presence, it puts them at greater risk of cyber threats.”

The Alliance has 5,000 app licenses to distribute to seniors in Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Brevard counties this spring.

Seniors, their caregivers and family should apply AT THIS LINK.

The Internet Crime Complaint Center reported that 88,000 people aged 60-plus lost $3.1 billion to Internet fraud in 2022.

Experts believe that number should grow as more seniors use the Internet and social media use increases.

Perez Technology Group CEO Carlos Perez said

Attacks “are getting more sophisticated with the advent of artificial intelligence,” he said.

The CyberFence app blocks cyber threats and encrypts data and information, providing a level of security for its users.

Perez Technology Group created CyberFence for enterprise and small businesses to combat cyberattacks.

However, everyday users will also benefit, Perez said.

“We are incredibly proud that we can help to protect our community’s seniors, and we value our partnership with Senior Resource Alliance,” he said.