Orlando’s Ongaku helped video game rapper build momentum


Arizona rapper Mega Ran, who has built a strong following nationwide by creating songs that enhance storylines of popular video games like Mega Man and Final Fantasy VII, credits Orlando with inspiring one of the more energetic portion of his show.

As he raps about the freedom-fighting protagonist group Avalanche of Square Enix’s iconic video game, he asks the crowd to lift their arms in support and pump their fists to the music.

That happened organically at a show in Orlando years ago, said Mega Ran, whose real name is Rahim Jarbo.

“I’m always trying to think of something I can have the crowd do so that they will remember it and do it during that song,” he said. “So when I just saw everybody put their fist up, I thought, ‘Man, that looks awesome. That looks great. That’s the thing I’m going to do now.'”

You can find out more about his Orlando show in January at the YouTube video above!