Crucial deadline for tech support grant fast approaching

A crucial deadline for local ecosystem support groups to receive funding from a grant program administered by City of Orlando, Innovate Orlando and Orlando Tech Community is fast approaching.

Applications for the Orlando Technology Support Grant are due at 11:59 p.m., Friday, March 15.

The grant program will make available a total of $65,000 to be split equally among four organizations.

Organizations that are awarded the $16,250 grants would be required to match 10 percent of those funds.

Judges for the effort have not been announced.

The investment in the community represents an investment into the future of Orlando’s innovation community, said David Adelson, Innovate Orlando’s CEO.

“By supporting these ventures, we amplify the heartbeat of progress, ensuring that transformative ideas are not just conceived but cultivated,” he said. “The grant becomes a catalyst, a bridge to possibilities, enabling organizations to push boundaries, enriching our tech landscape and ultimately sculpting a vibrant future for Orlando’s technological evolution. In backing these applicants, we not only endorse innovation but also pave the way for a dynamic ecosystem that thrives on the ingenuity fostered by the Orlando Tech Grant.”


The Orlando Technology Support Grant has been supporting tech-based organizations for five years, having bolstered the efforts of community staples like Black Orlando Tech, Indienomicon, Tech Sassy Girlz and Seed Funders Orlando, among others.