Plug and Play announces opening of Orlando office

A global innovation platform based in Silicon Valley will open a new office in Orlando early this year.

The launch expands the Central Florida presence of Plug and Play, a company that fosters innovation and startups through its incubator programs.

Plug and Play announced in September that it would launch its first program cohort in the region in Kissimmee. That program will focus on semiconductor-related companies.

The Orlando office will focus more on advancing technology related to smart cities.

UCF, Orange County, Duke Energy and Tavistock were announced as local partners. Orlando Economic Partnership will also support.

“We aim to foster an environment that supports startups in developing cutting-edge technologies,” Plug and Play CEO Saeed Amidi said in a press release. “Orlando has shown incredible potential, and with our startup accelerator programs, we are excited to drive innovation and shape the future of smart cities in the region.”

The company specializes in organizing and coordinating industry-specific accelerator programs. The Orlando office will be the hub for a program set to launch early this year.

Orange County allocated $1.5 million for the project.

This collaboration aims to leverage the strong ecosystem of expertise and resources in the region, driving the development of innovative solutions for smart cities.

“Through the partnership, we will together shape the landscape of smart cities for the future and amplify impact for our region and our state,” UCF President Alexander Cartwright said.

In September, Plug and Play announced a three-year deal with Osceola County worth $5 million to establish a three-year commitment to the sensor-based incubator.

The company will hold its launch event in April.