Orlandopreneur & Tech Grove – collab a sign of things to come?

A well-attended and fast-growing Central Florida meetup group connected on Monday with an increasingly popular meetup space, as Orlando’s entrepreneurs met in a space usually devoted to the region’s thriving defense industry.

Orlandopreneur, a roughly one-year-old meetup group that routinely draws hundreds from the region, met for its monthly happy hour.

On the surface, the meetup is typical of its other happy hours.

Food and drink provided.

Collisions happening all over the room.

And a line of sponsors showing off what they are working on or taking care of some business development needs.

However, there was a wrinkle here that could make this the most important Orlandopreneur yet – or at least a blueprint for others in the community to follow.

While most previous Orlandopreneur events have been held at local restaurants, bars or clubs, this one was hosted by an industry-specific location.

The results could be a real momentum boost for Orlando’s tech ecosystem.

Getting industries together at meetups might be the “straw that stirs the drink” in Orlando’s tech community.

At the risk of making this yet another editorial on the community’s growth, collaborations like this could propel the community forward.

It brings one strong sector of the community together with another.

Only good things can come of that.