Not all fun and games at Orange County library game jam

A weekend-long game jam at Orange County Library System – more specifically, its state-of-the-art Melrose Center – was not business as usual in the growing world of game jams.

No, this time, there was a “tech for social good” component, as a handful of teams sought to build solutions for a prescribed challenge: creating a solution for the growing number of people in society who suffer from unemployment or homelessness.

The winning team created a shooter that turned the typical weaponry into a care cannon, where you determine what types of resources a pedestrian on the side of the road needs then load up a care cannon to fire.

The event is a great example of how far game jams have come in the decade or so they have been held in Central Florida and hosted by local organizations.

We will have much more in the future but here are a few pictures of the event on Sunday.