Lilium designates Lake Nona, MCO as hubs for eVTOL air mobility

The developer of the first all-electric vertical take-off and landing jet named Orlando International Airport as one of its regional air mobility hubs.

The German company Lilium will build its first U.S.-based vertiport in the Lake Nona community.

It has been working closely with the City of Orlando and Lake Nona’s management group, Tavistock, to develop an air mobility network in the region.

“We are thrilled about the proposed advanced aviation center at Orlando International Airport and commend Orlando for its dedication and vision to advancing (advanced air mobility),” said Sebastien Borel, chief commercial officer, in a press release Thursday. “Building a vertiport at the major-hub airport will ultimately enhance regional mobility by increasing passenger access and connectivity while allowing multiple operators to use the facility and share in the cost.” 

The take-off and landing site, known as an eVTOL, will be located on airport property. As of this February 2024, the site has a 2025 target date.

A second eVTOL in Lake Nona also has a 2025 target date and will create more than 100 jobs there.

That vertiport is expected to serve Orlando, as well as Tampa and any others within a 186-mile radius.