Big 3: Tech Grove date; TenX Tech returns; Spark STEM Fest

TenX Tech’s return downtown – Thursday

This intermittent event series has become something of a preferred event at Orlando Tech News. There has always been a good vibe and, of course, we partnered this fall for what I think turned into an interesting series of stories in advance of the group’s initial campaigns. The event comes back downtown for the first time in 2024 with a meetup that is sure to energize Orlando’s tech community. You can FIND TICKETS TO THIS FREE EVENT HERE.

Central Florida tech groove at Tech Grove – Wednesday

What a resource Central Florida Tech Grove has become. This week, that will pay off for Orlando’s tech community with a matchmaking event on Valentine’s Day that will give local entrepreneurs and businesses exposure. On the entrepreneurial side, it’s a chance to show off their capabilities to potential clients. That accessibility is key for small businesses trying to break into military contracting. Meanwhile, Orlando’s robust military and simulation ecosystem can discover small businesses in Central Florida that are working on high-tech projects that could benefit the Warfighter down the line. It’s a uniquely Orlando networking event. FREE TICKETS

Science Center’s top event returns for 3 days – Saturday

The Orlando Science Center’s Spark STEM Fest (formerly Otronicon) returns with yet another great event that highlights the tech community in Central Florida through its businesses. Every year I go, I leave with a notebook full of story ideas that inform the following months. But

that’s just a personal anecdote. Honestly, it’s a fun showcase of our community from an educational perspective. I have already heard from a handful of exhibitors who will be there and, frankly, it’s kinda like an Orlando-centric, mini-IITSEC mixed with a mini-IAAPA. That is something that is uniquely Orlando. GET TICKETS HERE

That’s the Big 3 this week. I need a catchphrase for this space. Suggestions welcome!