Big 3: SpaceX launch; Disney-centric webinar; Latinos in tech

SpaceX launch to elucidate depths of the oceanTuesday

If you live in Central Florida, our space program can almost become an afterthought, believe it or not. After all, it’s no longer a rare sight – despite it still being a monumental accomplishment – to see a rocket blasting into the sky and disappearing high above the clouds. But let’s not forget that this is one of the longest-running tech industries we have here. Each mission could, and perhaps should, be its own story. This week, for example, Central Florida is the origin of science that will allow us to study ocean life at a more granular level. That is expected to launch on a Falcon 9 rocket as soon as Tuesday.

Webinar on modeling and simulation in a Disney rideThursday

I can probably count on two hands how many times I expect a webinar to show up on this list during the course of the year but this one hits Orlando so directly that I can’t help but think it’s going to be super intriguing. The connection between the amusement park industry and the military is closer than you think and both industries, frankly, thrive in Central Florida. So, an upcoming Central Florida Tech Grove webinar has me curious. The webinar comes from a deep dive into an I/ITSEC paper about Disney’s popular “Rise of the Resistance” attraction. Did you know the technology that runs that ride also have potential military applications? Seriously, this is a thread that runs deeper than most realize and it’ll be interesting to check out the NTSA’s webinar.

Latinos in Tech meetup at HourglassFriday

This is something of a fledgling group so watching it grow into an expected diversion for people who are deep in the tech industry has been cool. Every month, they have two meetups and introduce each other with ice breakers and a drink. Make sure to check out their Meetup page to keep updated on when they will be meeting.

That’s the Big 3 this week. I need a catchphrase for this space.