Women’s tech organization names inaugural 14-member board of directors


A fast-growing Central Florida-based organization that supports women in the technology industry has appointed its first-ever board of directors.

Women in Tech and Entrepreneurship launched in Tampa in 2022. Since then, it has established chapters in St. Petersburg, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.

“We are acknowledging the longstanding leadership of women in this field and the marginalization women have historically faced in tech,” WTE CEO and Founder Raechel Canipe said in a release.

Statistics consistently show that the percentage of women in technology has generally remained steady.

Despite several concerted efforts to change that, the number remains low.

Research from the American Association of University Women, for instance, reported last year that about one-third of the STEM-based workforce in the U.S. is women.

Data tends to vary among studies, though it remains in the same range. Numbers released by the National Science Foundation, for instance, align with the AAUW’s data.

“Organizations like WTE are changing the game, not just by advocating but actively equipping women in tech and entrepreneurship with crucial connections, educational tools, and financial resources,” Canipe said. “Our board represents more than a leadership group; they’re catalysts for the recognition and inclusion that’s long overdue in our industry.”

A new Jacksonville chapter will open this month with the University of South Florida expected to follow shortly thereafter. Overall, the group has reached 3,000 women and hosts regular chapter meetings.

“I’m not surprised that the organization has grown so rapidly in a year,” said Denise Musselwhite, an Orlando-based executive leadership coach for women in tech who has been appointed the group’s secretary. “Since its inception, WTE has created a transformative community that nurtures and empowers women entrepreneurs and technology leaders, providing a unique support system free of judgment where women have an opportunity to make real connections as they navigate the challenges – and opportunities – of our industries.”

Musselwhite’s firm, Tech and Thrive, draws on her 25-year career in technology to help women in the tech industry.

“My decision to join the board was driven by a desire to meaningfully contribute to a
community I deeply care about,” she said, adding that she also wanted “to engage with other driven, talented, and diverse women who provide an unparalleled opportunity for mutual learning and inspiration.”

“Our role at WTE is to pave the way for today’s and tomorrow’s women tech leaders and entrepreneurs while highlighting their contributions,” added Molly Levinson-Kroeber, Director of Operations at Cope Notes and Co-owner of Mello. “Our board members, with their diverse expertise and shared commitment, will help us amplify the voices of women who have been leading in tech and entrepreneurship all along.”

Here is the list of board members, their companies and their positions.

Chair: Raechel Canipe, WTE/RevStar
Vice Chair: Molly Levinson-Kroeber, Cope Notes/Mello
General Counsel: Vanessa Ferguson, Ferguson Legal, PLLC
Treasurer: Lisa Marteney, Risk Advisory Services
Secretary: Musselwhite, Tech & Thrive
Supplier Diversity Chair: Andrea Knight, Airbus US Space & Defense, Inc.
Advocacy & Intersectionality Chair: Ana Irving, Engenium
Events Chair: Jojo Kalita, 4th Down Solutions
Marketing Co-Chair: Jessica Charles, Elevated Exposure Worldwide
Marketing Co-Chair: Justine D’Addio, Hyde Park PR
Program & Curriculum Chair: Jessica Sudler, Rogue Mobile
Program & Curriculum Observer: Rachel Thomas, Milena International Inc.
Fundraising & Sponsorship Co-Chair: Cat Suplicy, RavenOps
Fundraising & Sponsorship Co-Chair: Ashley Williams, Visionary Rising Agency/LIONSROAM