MyRadar makes robust weather data available to third-party devs

An Orlando-based company has made its weather-related data available to third-party app developers who wish to incorporate it into their products.

My Radar launched “Powered by MyRadar” at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Monday.

The company boasts more than 15 million active users.

Its app has been downloaded more than 50 million times. That number represents one of the highest in weather apps since its 2008 launch in Orlando. “Powered by MyRadar” provides businesses in any sector seamless access to weather-related data seamlessly.

That could be useful in several different ways, MyRadar CEO Andy Green said in a press release.

“Whether you want to know how storms will impact your operations, historical weather data to train your machine learning models, or road weather information to help manage your fleet (in real-time), our APIs can deliver the weather information you need to make data-driven decisions,” he said.

MyRadar now employs 34 full-time employees.

David Codding, CEO of SAI, has incorporated MyRadar into its automated systems at hotels, academic campuses and agricultural operations around the world. He said the new service tracks comfort level at its installations.

In addition, it takes weather data from the region to predict and manage temperatures in advance of weather changes.

“This not only makes our systems more effective and efficient but helps the systems and personnel of our clients,” he said.