Encore! MetaCenter Global Week just the start for upstart band

It was supposed to be a one-time thing.

Then the phone calls came.

After Donovan Pyle led a rock band made up of musicians from Orlando at a special show in downtown Orlando during MetaCenter Global Week in October, he started to field inquiries into whether the band would stick together.

After landing a gig at a conference in New York City, Pyle and his bandmates decided to keep on rocking.

“We really like playing on a regular basis,” said Pyle, frontman at both Health Compass and the Button-Down Collective band. “It definitely beats a rehearsal studio. Also, it’s really good for our mental health to keep doing the things we love.”

The band’s performance during that October Orlando tech showcase at The Social downtown was certainly one of the week’s highlights.

Now, the band will return for Business and Bands, a networking event from 6-9 p.m. on Thursday night at The Social, 54 N. Orange Ave. in downtown. YOU CAN FIND TICKETS HERE

The marriage of business and music is only natural, Pyle said.

“Progress and innovation only move at the speed of trust,” he said. “Music is a great way to promote collaboration and trust within communities. Besides that, it’s just more fun to whistle while you work.”

Pyle has been playing music since he was a boy, performing at bars and clubs at the age of 15. He said he was constantly looking for bands to sit in with in Manhattan.

He has been in bands that performed music in commercials for Chevy, HBO and others.

Pyle credits drummer Craig Swygert, who is president of Clear Channel Outdoor for the Central Florida markets, with coming up with the idea of continuing to perform.

“Highly creative people tend to have a difficult time working within corporate structure,” Pyle said. “We figured if we could combine our passion for economic development and music, let’s do it.”

The Button Down Collective is:

  • Cofounders Swygert (drums), Paul Wooten (Vox), Luis Reyes (Gtr), David Bruce (Gtr), Pyle (bass). 
  • Guest members may include Shelby Swygert (vox/gtr/keys), Bunky Garrabrant (vox/trumpet), Carol Hensal (keys)