Big 3: Apple Vision Pro, VRARA Summit, 1MC’s venue search

Apple Vision Pro releases this week

Yep, that’s right. After months of hype, Apple’s entry into the VR wars arrives on Friday. The Apple Vision Pro will release with a hefty price tag of $3,500. That said, they are already reporting an expected sellout. Of course, that could mean they distributed a limited supply so that they could say “sellout.” But let’s not get into the granular details just yet. The bottom line is that this milestone could set the stage for the Great VR War between heavyweights Meta and Apple. As we know in the tech world, competition often leads to innovation and that could mean we are now finally approaching an age of abundance in virtual reality. Now, let’s get developers on that app store, though, shall we?

VRARA Summit in Miami on Feb. 1

This is one of those events that, if I had a staff of writers already working with Orlando Tech News – which I plan to do someday – I would send one to this event with the goal of coming back with a string of stories. That’s a future want. For now, I may have to just watch from afar so as not to neglect Orlando for a trip to Miami. That said, I’m thrilled for Dr. Robert Masson, an Orlando guy who will be delivering the keynote. His work with virtual surgeries is a game-changing innovation coming from our city.

1 Million Cups’ search for permanent venue

I have seen some chatter across social media about Orlando’s 1 Million Cups event, which meets every week to introduce an entrepreneur to the community. My take on 1 Million Cups has always been that it’s a worthy event that must be a pain to organize because that’s 52 weeks of having to organize an event and make sure an engaged audience attends. So it has been interesting to keep eyeing the group as it has searched for a new venue. The group continues to seek a venue with free parking that can seat 80 and does not charge the all-volunteer effort. Shout out if you have a venue that matches with that as I do think it’s an important part of our community and ecosystem.

That’s the Big 3 this week. I need a catchphrase for this space.