Big 3: Mega Ran’s return, VRARA Miami summit, Caribe Royale Orlando

Mega Ran returns to Orlando

I have had a soft spot in my soul for Mega Ran ever since I ran into him on Spotify several years back. He has since been a mainstay on my most-listened-to artists every year on Spotify. Now, he returns to run through what I consider a masterpiece: a rap album that runs through the story of my most-adored video game, Final Fantasy VII, in detail and on the stage. You can find TICKETS HERE.

VRARA Summit in Miami on Feb. 1

I have particularly loved to see how the VRARA has supported industry trade shows that are hyper-niched down and this healthcare summit is a great example of that. On Feb. 1, a day-long summit in Miami will bring in industry experts to talk all things VR and AR. I’m particularly intrigued by Dr. Robert Masson’s keynote speech. I plan a visit to his office earlier that week so that’s just called great timing and illustrates how medtech could (and perhaps should?) be a big part of our ecosystem here.

Caribe Royale Orlando: a tech hotel

All companies are tech companies, right? The hotel Caribe Royale Orlando has launched a sports dining and entertainment hub that has tech at its core. The bar/restaurant will have 12 sports simulators available for patrons, which is something that has become commonplace. You can learn more about the new venue at this Attractions Magazine feature.

That’s it this week for the Big 3. As always, let me know what I missed and hope you are finishing up January strong!