OEP Chief: Techonomy an Orlando conversation to ‘shape the future’

For the first time, the emerging tech conference Techonomy has landed in Orlando.

The three-day discussion will focus on the benefits and risks of using artificial intelligence technology in a variety of industries.

Among the expected speakers and topics will be New York Academy of Sciences President and CEO Nicholas Dirks on the confluence of AI and humanity.

Deutsche Bank CIO Gil Perez will speak on a panel that covers how AI influences banking.

In addition, Space Florida CEO Robert Long will speak on the space industry.

But there is local flair, as well.

On Monday, four local experts will speak on how simulated worlds have delivered real results.

Among those is Tim Giuliani, president and CEO of Orlando Economic Partnership.

“We will not just witness a tech event,” he said. “We are part of a conversation that shapes the future.”

The event, he said, “encourages us to explore the multifaceted landscape of AI, fostering a community that understands and embraces the potential of artificial intelligence in both our economic endeavors and the fabric of our everyday lives.”

We asked him a few more questions about the event, covering how Lake Nona fits in, how Orlando uses AI and how local companies have been leading the way in artificial intelligence (edited for clarity and length).

Orlando Tech News: What is it about Lake Nona that makes it an ideal host for this event?

Tim Giuliani: Lake Nona in Orlando stands as a pivotal location including the areas of tech and innovation due to its concentration of medical and research facilities, notably the Lake Nona Medical City, which has positioned the area as a leader in health innovation.

NOTE: Giuliani also mentioned the region’s smart city initiatives, startup ecosystem through the Lake Nona Institute and educational and research institutions

OTN: How else has this area helped?

TG: Coupled with a focus on quality of life and wellness-oriented urban planning, (it) enhances the overall appeal for tech professionals.

OTN: What does hosting Techonomy say about Lake Nona’s commitment to growth?

TG: It underscores Lake Nona’s dedication to fostering knowledge exchange and networking, solidifying its role as a dynamic and forward-thinking hub for technological advancements in Florida.

There are some heavy hitters on the way. How big of an opportunity to show off the region can this be?

TG: It is a huge opportunity that we are not taking lightly. Orlando is Unbelievably Real and we are at the forefront of innovation in many areas. This presents a substantial opportunity for the Orlando region to showcase its technological prowess and highlight regional expertise.

How can having speakers form Orlando benefit the region?

TG: By examining the guest list, which includes influential figures, thought leaders, and heavy hitters, including some from our region, we have a unique chance to demonstrate the Orlando region’s advancements, innovations, and capabilities. It’s a platform for the region to not only exhibit its current standing in technology but also to engage with key players in the industry, fostering collaboration, attracting investment, and potentially positioning Orlando as a prominent tech hub.

Techonomy will focus on the promise and peril of AI in several industries. What is Orlando’s standing in AI?

In the realm of economic development, AI stands as a powerful driver for growth in our community. The opportunities presented by advancements in artificial intelligence span diverse industries, from healthcare to agriculture, and government to finance. As we navigate AI innovation, it’s crucial to recognize the profound impact it will have on our everyday lives. From personalized healthcare solutions to efficient transportation systems, AI is set to become an integral part of our daily experiences.

I’m impressed by the Orlando component here, with several companies set to take the mic. Does that say anything about Orlando and its tech community?

TG: Major players like Falcon’s Beyond, KPMG, Lockheed Martin, UCF and OEP alongside industry powerhouses speaks volumes about Orlando’s standing in the tech community. The participation of these key companies underscores Orlando’s emergence as a significant hub for technology and innovation. It indicates that the city is not only home to renowned corporations in various sectors, including aerospace, consulting, and private equity, but also that these entities actively contribute to and are recognized in the broader technology landscape.

Anything else you want to add?

TG: Orlando’s tech community is dynamic, diverse, and capable of making substantial contributions to discussions surrounding AI, innovation, and the future of technology. This event positions Orlando as a place where major players converge to share insights and expertise, showcasing the city’s influence and expertise in the ever-evolving tech ecosystem.