Orlando firm’s invention lands on TIME’s annual best-of list

Well, it’s not yet 2024 but an Orlando company has already landed on one of those “best of” lists for this year.

NUVIEW’s satellite-based laser imaging technology has been named a top invention of the year by TIME in the “experimental” category.

The company plans to launch 20 LiDAR satellites and make them live in 2025.

LiDAR stands for light detection and ranging.

The technology uses pulsed laser light to measure distances from the Earth, allowing 3D software to map out an area’s topography

“Lidar technology has immense potential to empower global climate initiatives and contribute to a sustainable future. We are honored to be awarded as one of TIME’s extraordinary innovations changing lives,” says Clint Graumann, CEO and Co-Founder of NUVIEW, in a press release.

An initial use case is allowing scientists to keep track of how Earth’s natural environment is changing.

NUVIEW’s technology will help scientists and others see through thickets of tree cover.

In addition, it will help track changes that happen in the dark. These two obstacles have, until now, limited the accuracy of topographic data and studies.

NUVIEW launched out of stealth mode in May.

Its main office is in the Lake Nona region of southeast Orlando.

The TIME magazine feature listed 200 of the best innovations.

TIME’s editors describe the list as “200 groundbreaking inventions (and 50 special mention inventions).”

The list includes the world’s most powerful supercomputer, a game-changing entertainment venue, and a new shape.

TIME went on to say the technologies will change how we live, work, play, and think about what’s possible.”

See the full list here: time.com/best-inventions-2023