Orlando startup that assisted Patrick SFB lands spot in govtech accelerator

An Orlando startup that provides Web and mobile communications software for teams has landed a spot in a public safety accelerator program organized by Amazon.

Intrepid Networks, which has its business office on Colonial Drive near Mills, will start the 4-week Justice and Public Safety GovTech Accelerator this month.

The company has in the past worked with Patrick Space Force Base, Las Vegas Police Department and the Los Angeles Police Department, among others.

The program will be hosted by Amazon at its brand new HQ2 in Arlington, Va., a facility that opened its doors in May. Intrepid will be one of 13 companies at the accelerator.

According to a press release, the selected companies “develop innovative solutions enabling justice and public safety agencies to better serve their communities.”

First responders, emergency services, corrections and other public safety agencies were specified as target agencies being helped by the companies in the accelerator.

“911 call centers are facing unprecedented challenges, with high call volumes, legacy technology, and short staffing. Courts and other public safety organizations are being targeted by a rising number of cyber events,” said Kim Majerus, vice president of global education and US state and local government at AWS in the release. “The AWS GovTech Accelerator was created to support the development of technologies that can address these challenges.” The thirteen startups selected have demonstrated a technology solution that has real-world application, and we are excited to work with them.”

The startups and the problems they solve

10-8 Systems
Mission Viejo, CA
Advanced, cloud-native computer-aided dispatch and records management software (RMS) for law enforcement, emergency services, fire, and private security, created by first responders.

New York, NY
A career readiness platform that features the Whole Learner Framework, which focuses on engagement and personalized learning. APDS equips learners with skills for rewarding careers while fostering societal strength by reducing recidivism rates.

Atlas One
Austin, TX
A crowdsourcing platform for anonymous tips, evidence, and information in local neighborhoods and communities that automates time-consuming back-office tasks. The platform can improve public safety by automating alerts, encouraging citizen reporting and enhancing operational efficiencies—ultimately saving law enforcement agencies time and resources.

Lees Summit, MO
A criminal justice technology company driven by its RePath platform, which seeks to decrease recidivism, increase operational efficiency, improve participant outcomes, and reinforce adherence to conditions in both pre-trial and post-trial supervision, showcasing a commitment to accountable practices and economical solutions.

Denver, CO
This company streamlines data exploration and analytics across systems and provides rapid access to vital information, empowering public safety professionals to make data-driven decisions for the benefit of the community.

Intrepid Networks LLC
Orlando, FL
An intuitive web and mobile software platform that empowers teams to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate over a shared operational picture for both day-to-day operations and emergency/incident response.

MedEx Forensics
Madison, WI
Develops and deploys digital forensic technology for public safety that can be used to identify abusive content and its origins, fight digital crime, and combat disinformation.

Multitude Insights
Cambridge, MA
This startup analyzes, matches, and suggests collaborative opportunities between law enforcement agencies and public safety stakeholders. The company’s BULLETIN (BLTN) tool generates summaries of information and uses machine learning tools to aggregate relevant, disparate information to improve the accuracy of investigations.

R3 Score Technologies, Inc.
Baltimore, MD
The company’s data-driven scoring algorithm uses 11 key factors to assess character, capacity, and current choice, to help employers hire candidates with arrest or conviction records in a compliant fashion.

Revir Technologies, Inc.
Austin, TX
Software-as-a-service solution for Intelligent Digital Evidence Management Systems. Law enforcement, prosecutors, and public defenders can use the company’s AI-powered Scout PD platform to improve evidence management and accelerate discovery of truth.

School Guardian
Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil
A school safety platform designed to improve security, agility, and communication with school communities through a combination of AI, geolocation, QR codes and more.

Bethesda, MD
A SMART Network infrastructure provider that leverages hardware, software, services, and applications to connect and protect communities.

Zero Eyes
Conshohocken, PA
ZeroEyes is a human-verified AI weapons detection platform that identifies threats at first sight, helping detect and identify potential dangers.