Here are the Armed Forces Jam 2023 results

After a long weekend of building, the 3rd Annual Armed Forces Jam came to a close Sunday night.

Here is a list of the winning projects:

Grand Prize Winners

$1,000 – Two Truths and a Battleship

A multiplayer strategy game similar to Battleship but with an added twist of random elements to throw off players.

Team members: Joey Fisher, John Meo.

$750 – Escape the Grove

A digital escape room with Central Florida Tech Grove as the venue.

Team members: Chris Trenary, Zach Sally, James Williams, Chris Pineyro, Joey Sena, Sophie Schenk.

$500 – Voyager

A Magic Leap 2 game about an alien civilization.

Central Florida Tech Grove challenge $500: Escape the Grove

Team members: Alexis Tjarks, Juan Rivera, Rylan Celentano, Joseph Gallup, James Furniss-Roe.

Best Art $100 – Ozone Warriors (Shoot your friends and play God)

Best XR $100 – EX-RAY-VISION (AR plays with the electromagnetic spectrum)

Best Sound $100 – Eye in the Sky (Web-based trainer introduces LVC concept with a 3-player game)