Student, mother launch platform to connect youths to business mentors

Arman Hunanyan recognized a recurring theme among him and his classmates at Olympia High School in Orlando: choosing a career path was not easy.

So he decided to use his “Learn to Start” entrepreneurship class to pursue an idea he had that might help overcome that challenge. 

Out of that class came Career Scoops, an AI-based platform meant to introduce high school students to mentors and careers that interest them.

Arman said the fact that others shared his worries about starting a career validated his idea.

“This wasn’t just my concern,” he said. “Many of my peers felt the same way.”

Career Scoops has had an ongoing crowdfunding campaign as Arman and his mother, Tatsiana Sokalava, work to build the platform.

Although still early in its development, the platform has already managed to attract some mentors.

Meanwhile, Arman continues to interview others and post content related to careers.

The exercise has helped Arman in more ways than one.

“I have learned to open up and engage in more effective conversations,” he said. “I am forging connections with individuals that I aim to build closer relationships with.”

Internships crucial to businesses

The value of a good internship program has gone up in recent years, as businesses look to develop talent that can often turn into full-time employment.

That is especially crucial in the tech industry, where a workforce shortage continues to be one of the main concerns. Career Scoops could put a dent into that as it grows.

Instead of businesses reaching out to find interns, the platform flips that around.

Students on the platform connect with professionals to get a taste of what a specific career looks and feels like.

As she watches her son develop an interest in entrepreneurship, Sokalava has seen Arman’s passion grow.

“Watching your child discover a passion is one of the most rewarding experiences as a parent,” said Sokalava, who has a background in data science and operations and is building the platform alongside her son. “Seeing my son invest time and energy into something he’s deeply passionate about fills my heart with pride.”

The platform uses a combination of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, to create a recommendation engine for students seeking a career path.

Once a student gathers recommendations, they connect with mentors in a given field.

“Mentorship, in my experience, serves as a guiding light for anyone stepping into a new field or role,” Sokalava said. “Throughout my journey I’ve had the privilege of being mentored by several amazing professionals. The insights and lessons I garnered from these mentorship relationships were invaluable They influenced not just my professional decisions but also my personal.”