Falcons exec at IAAPA on upcoming Punta Cana theme park

Falcons Beyond has moved beyond building digital content for theme park customers to building its own, full-scale, front-to-back theme park.

Katmandu Punta Cana is the second in a series of theme parks built by the Orlando company and is expected to debut sometime in early 2023.

The high-tech attraction leverages the company’s intellectual property and technological expertise to provide an immersive experience for visitors.

Falcons Executive Vice President of Technology Saham Ali sat down to chat with Orlando Tech News about the park and other topics.

Among the highlights:

  • He dishes on the theme park, which has been in development for several years.
  • The company understood life spans of theme park products are finite so they developed replayability factors into the features they put into their attractions. For example, a personalized experience and gamification of attending a theme park.
  • Coming from a TV/film industry, he’s been excited about the convergence between gaming, TV and entertainment.

You can see the entire interview below.